The 818 area code operates in the Pacific Time Zone (PT) and adheres to daylight saving changes, shifting to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) accordingly. For business communication, synchronizing with partners and clients within this time frame is crucial to maintain efficiency and avoid missteps. The PT is 3 hours behind Eastern Time (ET) and 8 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-8), a detail of paramount importance for international interactions, ensuring clarity and punctuality in global dealings. Time zone awareness fortifies professional relationships by respecting the schedules of all parties involved.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 818 area code
Local numbers $ – $1
Local minutes $ – $0.04
Local Vanity Number $ – yes
Local numbers $ – $20
Local minutes $ – Unlimited
Local Vanity Number $ – yes
Local numbers $ – $5
Local minutes $ – Unlimited
Local Vanity Number $ – yes
Local numbers $ – $1.50
Local minutes $ – $0.04
Local Vanity Number $ – yes
Local numbers $ – $3
Local minutes $ – $0.05
Local Vanity Number $ – no
What time zone is area code 818?
State – California
Major City – Los Angeles
Timezone – Pacific

Largest Telephone Carriers

Prefixes – Carrier
34% – Pacific Bell
5% – Verizon California-ca (gte)
3% – Mci Worldcom, CA
2% – Pac – West Telecomm
2% – Level 3
2% – Teleport Group – Los Angeles
2% – Mpower
14% – Other
Prefixes – Carrier
8% – Cingular
7% – Verizon Wireless
6% – Sprint
4% – Usa Mobility Wireless
2% – T-mobile
2% – American Messaging (am)
2% – American Messaging Services
3% – Other

Area Code History – Where Does a 818 Area Code Originate

The 818 area code was born in 1984, a product of a geographic split from the original 213 area code, which once served the entirety of Southern California. This division was a response to the burgeoning population and subsequent rise in telephone use within the San Fernando Valley. The implementation of 818 allowed for a significant increase in available phone numbers to accommodate the growth in residential and business telecommunication needs. As time progressed, the area code encountered further strain due to the proliferation of cell phones and pagers, prompting the introduction of overlay area code 747 in 2009 to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers. This development in the 818 territory marked a crucial adaptation in the region’s telecommunication infrastructure, addressing the ever-increasing demand and leading to seamless connectivity across this vibrant part of California.
How it works
The 818 area code operates within the North American Numbering Plan, serving areas of Los Angeles County, California. For local calls within the same area code, dialing the seven-digit phone number suffices. However, for calls outside 818 or for mobiles, entering ‘1’ followed by the 818 area code and then the seven-digit number is required. Internationally, callers include the US country code (+1), the area code (818), and the local phone number. Regulatory oversight ensures that numbering resources are used efficiently, and potential area code overlays are managed to accommodate growing demands.